Printing Art Guidelines

Let’s Get Started!

We’re thrilled that you’re considering us for your printing needs! We understand that every printing project involves making numerous important decisions—and we’re here to help you through every step! We aim to provide exceptional customer service so you get exactly what you envisioned on time and within budget.

Thorough planning from the start is key to achieving the best results. It allows us to capture a clear vision of what you want to achieve, enhances communication among everyone involved in the project, and helps avoid the need for costly revisions once production kicks off.

Navigating these decisions involves a mix of business acumen and technical knowledge. Below, we present a few business considerations to help frame your technical choices, ensuring you’re well-informed and confident as we move forward. Let’s start and bring your vision to life with precision and passion!

Print Design Specs & Info

What kind of Art?

We’d prefer art to be sent to us as a PDF. If you send us a photograph (or JPEG). Be aware that most photographs off the internet don’t print well, especially when blown up to a larger size like 8.5″x11″. In general, if a photograph is under a megabyte in file size, it may not look good printed larger than 2″ square – it may look pixilated.

Will type of Paper is Best for this Project?

Choose the appropriate paper or material type that complements the design. Consider aspects like texture, weight, and finish, which can greatly influence the look and feel of your printed piece.

Print Finish Options

Decide if your design requires any special printing techniques like spot UV coating, foil stamping, or embossing, which can add significant impact to the final product.

Typesetting & Proofreading

Ensure all text is legible and aesthetically pleasing. Convert fonts to outlines to preserve the design, preventing any unintentional font substitutions.

Thoroughly check your design for any typographical or grammatical errors and ensure all elements are aligned and balanced.

Does it Bleed?

If your printed piece has ink that goes right up to the edge of the paper, it’s called a “bleed”. Since printing presses can’t print to the edge of paper we have to print it larger than the final size then trim it down. The art needs to be 1/8″ larger on all edges. Therefore if a 4″x6″ postcard has a bleed, we need art that is 4.25″x 6.25″. Make sure that important information (like text and logos) are 3/16″ away from the trim line of the paper otherwise they may get cut off during trimming!

Need the Union Label?

At your request, we will add our Union Label to any printed piece – this small oval logo (referred to as “bug”) helps your customers recognize your support of Union-made products.