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Direct Mail

Mailing Services

Do you have a postcard, newsletter, event invitation or fundraising letter that also needs to be mailed?

From a few dozen wedding invitations, to city- and state-wide targeted political pieces and real estate ads, Unionist can Design it, print it and Mail it!

  1. Postcards — all sizes and any purpose!
  2. Newsletters
  3. Event Invitations
  4. Fundraising Letters
  5. Union & Party Slate Cards
  6. Targeted Real Estate cards
  7. Wedding Invitations, Birth Announcements or Save The Dates
  8. Holiday Card Mailings
  9. Informational Mailings for Ballot Initiatives
  10. Envelope Ballot Mailers

Please note that Unionist Printing does not provide mailing lists – mailing lists will need to be provided by the customer.  We will take your furnished lists and sort them using the latest NCOA USPS software, we then barcode and presort all mail and deliver to the Post office to provide the most cost-effective mailing solution.

Presorted Bulk mail rates require 200+ valid addresses.   We are able to post smaller lists, which will be mailed at first class rates.